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AmarJhuri is a sister company of Contour That, one of the best and most authentic online makeup store in Bangladesh. Amar Jhuri's vision is to create Bangladesh’s most reliable and frictionless e-commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for buyers. Amar Jhuri will also give you a taste of American lifestyle where you will be able to get healthy and exotic foods available in the United States.

Very Competitive Price

Quality Goods

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Low Price For Bulk Purchase

Cheaper Than Market
USA Products
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Our Team

AmarJhuri Founder Jahirul Islam
Md Jahirul Islam

Management Information System
North South University
of AmarJhuri.com, ContourThat, BotSkins
Director of Millennium Group,
Equity Builders Limited,
Sea Air Worldwide


BBA in Accounting & Finance
North South University
Beauty Artist of ContourThat
Business Analyst for AmarJhuri

Sabahat Azam

Head, Content and Graphic solutions
M.Sc. in Multimedia and animation St.Xavier's College, Kolkata
Video Editor/Graphic Designer
of ContourThat, BotSkins, AmarJhuri


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